Muhsinah Welcomes ‘January’ With New Music


With the exception of a Rico Love cover and a remix of her own tune, Muhsinah had us missing her in 2015. But whenever she’s “silent,” we always know she’s working on something good, so we’ve learned to be patient. Now, our waiting has finally paid off with her latest EP, January.

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Muhsinah embraces the EP’s title, looking quite festive on the album cover. And how else does one begin January than with a countdown to the new year? After the brief intro, she gets right into the music. Like she did back in 2014, the DC native has once again dusted off previous track “Let Me Out” and flipped it into something brand new with the help of Pos Plug Won. “LMO” gives late ’80s R&B vibes with rapid drums, synth and chimes. The danceable groove would’ve been right at home on the original House Party soundtrack (we could totally see Tisha Campbell-Martin and AJ Johnson choreographing a killer routine to this). The De La Soul frontman puts the cherry on top of this remix sundae, appearing twice to bring his buoyant, distinctive cadence to the track.

The ’80s feel continues through “Magical,” but Indian music (featured through a repetitive distorted vocal sample) makes it unlike anything we’ve heard before. The fun track finds Muhsinah melodically wooing the object of her affection, letting him know “I wanna spend quality time and tell everybody you’re mine.” In contrast to the other songs, album closer “It’s You” slows things down as a lush piano intro lays down the dramatic framework for the touching ballad. Her emotive vocals are beautiful and tender, floating over the lovely arrangement.

Word on the street is that this is just the first of a monthly series of projects. A new EP every month? Yes, please and thank you. In the meantime, keep up with Muhsinah via her website, enjoy January below and pick up your copy wherever good music is sold.

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