Arima Ederra Is 'Trippin' On U'


Singer/songwriter Arima Ederra is absolutely enthralling on her spacey new track “Trippin' on U.” Her voice is like the warm kiss of spring and is just what we need in the dead of this cold winter. The Atlanta-born, Las Vegas-based Ederra has been active in the musical community since 2012 and dropped her first EP Earth to Arima in 2013. “Trippin' on U” is just the first taste of Arima's upcoming EP Temporary Fixes, which is slated to drop this spring.

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“Trippin' on U” is simultaneously wavy and ambient and something that sounds like the perfect soundtrack for cozy nights when you're kicking it with your boo-thang underneath the moonlit sky. DJ Orc produced the track, and he impeccably balances Arima's breathy singing with muted drum kicks and sweet piano work that floats gently over the rest of the song. The addition of the traditional Ethiopian krar adds a distinct and unique sound to the track. Arima's lyrics are innocent but feature a sensual element as she sings to a potential lover, “Nothing like a mango / Sweeter than the finest juice/ Kinda like the taste of you.” She cites legend Erykah Badu and progressive soul act Little Dragon as sources of inspiration. It's easy to hear these influences in Arima's vocal work and choice in production, yet she takes these inspirations and creates a sound all her own.

You can listen to “Trippin' on U” below and download Arima Ederra's first EP Earth to Arima via her SoundCloud page, where you can also keep a look out for Temporary Fixes in the coming months.

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