Hans Island Declare ‘I’m Yours’


Hans Island just debuted their latest track, “I’m Yours,” and just like previous offerings, you can expect a sonic blend of romance and synth for your aural pleasure. The duo, Canadian producer Mawhs and Scandinavian singer Marie Dahlstrom, have created an airy single that sounds like love. Featuring a pulsating beat in the background that sounds like a heart, the single is laced with infectious percussion and synth that matches the theme of pure love and infatuation. Marie’s vocals easily glide over Mawhs’ production, convincing us that there’s no better love than this. “In this crazy cloud of love / I’m floating above your touch / And nothing’s really quite enough/ I’m never tired of your love / It’s waiting for me,” Marie sings sweetly.

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Just like the love Marie sings of, we’re waiting patiently for Hans Island’s forthcoming self-titled EP. If “I’m Yours” is any indication of what we can expect, with its beats and snaps all in the right places, we can’t wait to hear what else the duo have in store for us. Until then, listen to “I’m Yours” right here and let us know if they captured your heart with their latest.

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