‘Find’ Time To Listen To Szjerdene


With haunting vocals reminiscent of a mellowed-out Björk, British soul siren Szjerdene’s newest single “Find Me” is in a familiar place among the likes of music from her contemporaries, such as FKA twigs. Building on previous impressive tracks “Are You Here” and “Arrows,” Szjerdene’s voice is soulful and lingers over producer Quays‘ hypnotic, sensual beat. In comparison to her other work, we hear Szjerdene stretching her musical landscape on her most daring and experimental release to date. The music is sparse, giving her the ability to let her vulnerable yet powerful vocals glide over and in between heavy synths, finger snaps and periods of silence. There is a great contrast in how the music is full of restraint and tension that plays well with her expressive voice.

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“Find Me” proves that this R&B beauty is more than just a featured vocalist alongside artists Bonobo and Lapalux, which we already knew. Szjerdene is positioning herself to take center stage and self-reflection has never sounded so good.

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