Szjerdene Makes Her Presence Felt With ‘Are You Here’


London-bred singer Szjerdene has unveiled her latest single “Are You Here,” which is a track full of drama and emotion. Produced by Glen Nicholls, aka Atatika, the single describes a little separation anxiety we all go through after a breakup. The beauty that is Szjerdene’s voice is captivating no matter what she sings, but we can tell she left her heart on the track, which will pull at your own emotions as you listen. “What if I could forget / Erase all of my memories of this / Recharge and change the lens / So I could stop this wondering, wondering / Are you here / Are you there / Where are you?” she sings. The synths hold up the track but also add the all too familiar layer of melancholy we can’t avoid after a bad breakup.

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Through the instrumentals and vocals you’ll find a love lost but a newfound strength. Though she’s often associated with Bonobo and Lapalux, “Are You Here” is another step in the right direction for Szjerdene to separate herself and drive in her own solo lane. We’ll have to wait until June 12th for her single to officially drop, but you can go ahead and listen to “Are You Here” right here. And if you don’t mind swimming a few more laps in your feelings, you can pre-order the single on iTunes. Let us know if you’re here for Szjerdene and her latest single when you press play.

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