B. Slade Wants To Know ‘WYD’


B. Slade has been dropping some jams lately, including his recently released LP Shade, Smoke & Treez. Never one to let moss grow under his feet, the singer continues his prolific streak with his latest single, “WYD.”

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If you couldn’t guess by the title, this one is for those folks on dating apps who might relate to his awkward encounter. After having a late night encounter on Saturday, he discovers on Sunday morning that he and his early morning partner attend the same church. Talk about embarrassing. Especially because said partner seems to be the type to kiss and condemn. B. ain’t studying it, though, and while he’s in this awkward space, he also takes time to point out some of the hypocrisy going on in said church, especially the folks who want to act holier than thou in service and like heathens as soon as it’s over. He does all this to beat of a bouncing synth track that has some knock to it along with some gospel flair — which comes due to some expertly arranged backing vocals courtesy of B. himself.

You can stream “WYD” right here and pick up your copy for $1 (or cop both the LP version and the instrumental track for the low, low price of $2) at his Bandcamp page.

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