Treasure Davis Is Wondering If You Might Be ‘The One’


Poor Treasure Davis. The singer/songwriter just can’t seem to get it right with love. After the complicated relationship she addressed on “Simple,” with Kid Ink and the unrequited love of “Heart Flavored Sucker,” with Luke Christopher, she thought she had a handle on things. However, after finally finding a man who treats her the way she wants to be treated, something new catches her eye. She can’t help but wonder if this new guy in the picture could be “The One.”

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On “The One,” Treasure is trying to figure out whether she should take a chance on a new love.  Is she just infatuated? Should she give up the love she has now for the unknown? How can she keep him a secret from her current boo? Could this new guy really be the one? While the answer to these and other questions remain unanswered, what is undeniable is that Treasure knows how to sing a song. Her voice may not be for everyone, but Ms. Davis knows how to add personality and emotion to the piano-driven ballad, adding depth to her dubious dilemma.

While we may never know if the grass is truly greener on the other side, Treasure Davis continues to impress us with her vocals and songwriting talent. Give “The One” a listen and pick up her debut EP, Heart Flavored Summer to get some more musical heat.

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