Phony Ppl Offers Up A 'Little Bit Of Lust' For Your Listening Pleasure


Even after releasing of of the most solid albums of the year, the boys of Phony Ppl show know signs of taking a break. Whether they're touring in support of Yesterday's Tomorrow or they're making their Jimmy Kimmel Live! debut backing rapper Fetty Wap on his disposable yet earworm-y "Trap Queen," the Phonies always seem to be up to something. To that effect, they've cooked up a little something something for our listening pleasure with their newest release, "Little Bit Of Lust."

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The track finds resident rappers Sheriff P and Elbie Thrie trading lustful verses about chance encounters with lovely young ladies over a laid-back groove. A synth bass and guitar back their stories about sordid bedroom behaviors and other exploits. It's a head-nodding groove for sure and will have you flashing back to the golden days of hip hop where rappers constantly dedicated fun records to their pursuits of the fairer sex.

You can check out the "Little Bit Of Lust" below. And, if you happen to be in the NYC area, you can see Phony Ppl do their thing live when they took S.O.B.'s by storm tonight. Tickets for the show can be purchased here.

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