Case Proves His Love Is 'Timeless'


Case is slowly making his comeback in 2015 along with other vintage R&B crooners, with the recent release of his single "Shook Up." Now he's proving he can still make the ladies swoon with new release "Timeless." The "Touch Me, Tease Me" singer is proving his case to his significant other in this percussion-backed single that their love is worth fighting for. With The Fugees’ own timeless cover of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly” in the background, Case sings, "You don't wanna deal with a stranger anymore / I know I f**k up sometimes / But do I need to remind you / That our love is timeless / Took forever to find your love / Girl our love is timeless." Based on Case's vocals alone, it would be hard to see anyone walk away from the crooner and his undying love.

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Almost as if he was summoned to bring back traditional R&B, Case's release and upcoming sixth studio album Heaven’s Door may just be what we need to hear in 2015. Based on his latest releases, we can't help but wonder what else the singer is offering but at least we have proof his vocals are still in tact and on point. While we wait for his album to debut on March 31st, listen to Case's latest single "Timeless" right here.

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