Will You Be ‘Spending The Night Alone’ With Adrian Marcel?

Adrian Marcel Spending the Night Alone Cover

Adrian Marcel hasn’t been around for long, but he already has a reputation for being raunchy (and at times downright vulgar). But what else would you expect from a guy who’s debut album is titled Got Me F**ked Up? The asterisks are added by us, by the way.

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But there’s another side to Adrian, and he’s ready to show it with his latest single “Spending The Night Alone.” Rather than waxing lascivious about getting some, “Spending The Night Alone” finds the newcomer heartbroken after his lady has packed her bags and left. Rather than put on a player facade, Adrian gets vulnerable as he laments how much the separation is killing his poor heart, letting us know that he can’t keep sleeping alone in his cold and lonely bed.

Sure, there’s no wheel reinventing going on here. Rico Love‘s lyrics are typical begging man R&B fare and Jim Jonsin‘s production is typical of this type of ballad. But by showing us a softer side to him, and flexing his pipes in process, Adrian reveals that he’s more than just a man looking out for one thing and one thing only. And after all, isn’t that all we’re asking for?

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