We’d ‘Rather Be’ Listening To Seinabo Sey’s Cover Of Clean Bandit


In case you haven’t noticed, we’re quite enamored with Seinabo Sey here at SBHQ. And who could blame us? With a spellbinding voice that stands out amongst a sea of Auto-Tuned artists, she continues to blaze her own musical path. So it’s no surprise that she can cover a great song like Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” and create something beautifully authentic. And that's not meant to take anything away from brilliant UK singer, Jess Glynne, “the voice” that endeared us to the popular original.

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Sey's acoustic recording is filmed in black and white, complementing the mood and tone of the reworked piece. What was once a lively dance tune has been stripped-down and transformed into a stirring torch song. With only a piano for accompaniment, the listener is allowed to focus on Ms. Sey’s interpretation of the lyrics. It's vulnerable, raw and, quite honestly, breathtaking.

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