Elle Winston's 'On' To Something

Brooklyn-based songbird Elle Winston takes note from John Mayer with "Waitin' On," the lead song to her latest EP, Uncertainty. A song of transparency and hope, "Waitin' On" finds Winston following in the footsteps of Mayer's 2006 hit "Waiting On the World To Change," reciting the inner feelings and thoughts that we've all experienced quietly at one time or another. "I'm afraid to be what is right for me. The anxiety paralyzing me," she passionately chants. Having sung an array of musical styles while performing with the groups Hot Bird's & the Chili Sauce and Bata Ire, Winston's past musical experience allows her to bring a rare blend of jazz, blues and alternative sounds to the table. Her songwriting skill is not to be overlooked as her Uncertainty EP includes thought provoking standouts like "Sisters" and "My Black." Download Elle Winston's Uncertainty now via Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon or stream it on Spotify.


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