Marsha Ambrosius Shows Us How 'Cold' It Can Get

Many fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Marsha Ambrosius new album Friends & Lovers. In the meantime she has gone to great lengths to keep her voice in our heads. The moody Hors D'Oeuvres mixtape whet our appetites and now we have the video for the first single, "Cold War," to feast our eyes on. Marsha and her significant other live in chic digs and have accustomed themselves to a certain lifestyle when he learns that he has lost his job. Following this, he falls into a depression and starts hitting the Don Julio hard. While he is looking for work, Marsha is contemplating what she must do in order to keep her lifestyle in tact. This leads her to a dark room and shady people who help her start slinging some type of illegal substance once she asserts that she understands "what dis life" is really all about. Shortly after, the cops come knockin' (and not for the same reason they visited Maxwell) on the door of her not-so-humble abode. Even though the acting is a little corny, fans will appreciate the story line and cameos by actors from the HBO series The Wire. I was hoping Marsha would have put forth a stronger first single, but hopefully "Cold War" sets the stage for another winning album.

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