Eric Benét & Lil Wayne Sing To Every 'Redbone Girl' In The World

When the tracklist for Eric Benét's upcoming album, The One, first surfaced, there was one particular song listed that caught my attention with a mixture of both intrigue and fear. That song in question went by the title of "Redbone Girl," which immediately elicited intrigue and a raised eyebrow, and the fear and loathing came when I saw that Lil Wayne was a featured guest. Now that the song has leaked and I've gotten to hear it, I'm little torn about it. As a woman on the lighter end of the skin color wheel, I can appreciate this little bluesy number about "this one little particular situation." After all, Eric did sing about "Chocolate Legs" before, so why not show a little love to the redbone population? But on the other hand, do we really need an ode to skin color, which remains such a divisive topic in the Black community? And Weezy's verse just adds insult to injury and sours the whole stew. I won't exactly call this a misstep for Benét -- thank God he didn't go all Brian McKnight on us -- but now that this is out of his system let's get back to loverman business. All I know is that I'm looking forward to hearing a Lil Wayne-less version of this song to be released in addition to The One when it drops on June 5th.

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