Thundercat Gets Down In The ‘Daylight’ In Los Angeles

One of the best things about checking out a great show is the chance that something unexpectedly magical will happen that night. From appearances by surprise guests to impromptu jam sessions, a live show is a true sign that you are in the presence of musical greatness. And that’s definitely what went down in Los Angeles at the album release party for Thundercat‘s The Golden Age of Apocalypse on September 5th at The Echo. In this video that surfaced last week, the bassist otherwise known as Stephen Bruner, takes his song “Daylight” from a groove that normally clocks in at just under three minutes to an all-out jam that lasts for over seven minutes. Complete with horns, psychedelic lights, funky synths, and the man himself standing front and center handling both vocal and bass duties, the audience (which included a dancing Erykah Badu) is left feeling awed and downright giddy at what they had just witnessed. Still not convinced that Thundercat is nothing short of genius? Then take a listen to the free stream of his album to see what all the hype and gushing is about. Consider yourself forewarned though: you may need to remember to close your mouth at times when it hits you just how utterly dope this man is. [H/T: OKP]

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