Justin Timberlake Has Something To 'Say'

I have yet to forgive Justin Timberlake for taking the coward's way out of a certain largely televised "scandal," but I have to admit that the boy is talented. If you're a part of the group who really wants Justin to make music again (like these folks), don't hold your breath. The man, who's been getting roles in some of Hollywood's biggest films and is all over Saturday Night Live, certainly doesn't seem to have any plans for making a new album any time soon. As a consolation prize, you can have "new" Timberlake track "Words I Say." This track, which has been floating around the internets in some form or another all summer, is a smoldering, slightly bluesy ballad delivered just like you'd expect from Justin in all his blue-eyed pop/soul glory. No one's quite sure exactly where this little nugget came from (Justified sessions? Upcoming soundtrack?), but I'm sure those that were jonesin' for a dose of Timberlakean soul truly don't care. So, if you're one of those needing your fix, go ahead and press play below.


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