Who Takes You On A Better Journey To 'Africa'? Toto Or D'Angelo?

All is fair in the Battle of the Beats, and our two contenders are favorites in many crowds for equally as many reasons. Toto is the epiphanic '80s Soft Rock band with crossover appeal to spare. One of their most recognizable tunes, "Africa," strikes just the right balance of synth saturation and an indelible chorus sung with conviction that was done immeasurable justice by the music video format in all its burgeoning glory. Contemporary soul's prodigal son D'Angelo reflects upon the many branches that extend from the Motherland--the love, the strength, the truth, the future. It's graceful, full of sober hope and perseverance. As the final track on Voodoo it's the promise he left us to contemplate during his decade-long absence. So, who's "Africa" reigns supreme, Toto's or D'Angelo's?

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