Who Asked You To 'Show' Them 'Love' Better? Robin S. Or Robyn?

Whoops, my '90s is showing. Is yours? If so, you remember both the Robin S. and the Robyn songs titled "Show Me Love." Both of them were fairly popular in the respective years of their releases, 1993 and 1996. In one corner, we have the soulful house songstress Robin S., who's pretty much rode the "Show Me Love" wagon through the last 18 years. And then there's Robyn, the snappy Swede who's been more visible lately but never stopped making music since her debut. Now, I understand that we're pushing the limits of soul here, which, as we all know, has pretty a rigid definition that we at SoulBounce adhere to steadfastly. But all's fair in the Battle of the Beats. So, get to judging. Which "Show Me Love" really shows you the love, Robin S.'s or Robyn's?

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