Stay Classy, Nas!

Not sure if anyone out there knows this, but, the Grammys were last night! A pretty underwhelming event propping up everyone we got sick of last year, minus one or two highlights. Brief op-eds forthcoming. But before we get into all that, we'd be remiss not to acknowledge the following:


I'm starting to think the name of this album might be a bad idea.

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Ooh, Mommy! I want that! How do you pronounce that word again?


So your boy is going to force us to "confront" the word and all the issues, past and present, the surround it. Good job! Only, we think he might be preaching to the choir with this one. It's almost like Bill Cosby's Come On People! The ones you're trying to reach might already understand where you're coming from. The ones you're trying to convert probably aren't trying to hear it. Like this CNN lady that quickly changed the subject:

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We'd like to give extra special thanks to Kelis for rubbing in the salt at the end. Awkward! But hey, at least we have more opportunities to say "nigger" with impunity. Also, that ballcap is just as offensive! Someone call GLAAD!

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