Naomi Sharon Shows A Love Gone Toxic In 'Hills'

Photo Credit: Naomi Sharon/YouTube

We've come to know Naomi Sharon from her collaborations with Full Crate, but the songstress is a very capable artist in her own right as well. She's been showing more and more of her talents in recent months, including the release of latest single "Hills." The song, about a relationship that has turned sour despite the love still felt by both parties, is a showcase for not only her dynamic vocals but also her skilled hand as a songwriter. You can also add her ability to pull off a cohesive vision to that list with the song's haunting video.

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The clip focuses on Naomi and her beau, opening with an image of her holding him as he floats in the ocean. We're then shown numerous moments between the two. Some are loving moments, but many show the fractures in the perfect façade. These moments include intense shouting matches and times when they are in the same room but a sizeable distance can be felt between them. Naomi does her best acting here, selling the tension and sadness that the lyrics are evoking as she sings of having him "loving love that wasn't for us." These images combined with the song's languid groove (courtesy of an expertly used The Ethics sample), has us feeling her pain something serious.

Peep how Naomi Sharon perfectly captures what it feels like when love goes bad when you watch the video for "Hills" right here.

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