Bobby Earth Resolves To Keep Going On 'One Thing'

Photo Credit: Richard Brooks

With his latest single “One Thing,” Houston native Bobby Earth kicks the new year off to a fresh and hopeful start. Co-produced alongside LA-based artist Larce Blake, the track offers a bright and resolute beginning to 2022, as Bobby declares, “The time we thought we had gave way / So I’ma work hard, play harder / I’ma thank God I got up / ‘Cause tomorrow’s not promised.” For those of us struggling with optimism after a rather bleak couple of years, the tune serves as a gentle reminder to show ourselves a bit of grace as we keep going from “one thing (to), another.”

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This recent release serves as the second single from Bobby’s upcoming album Party At The Ivory Tower and follows the lead track “Jewel,” which dropped late last month. The new project seeks to remove the negative connotation around the term “ivory tower” and invites listeners into Bobby’s vibrant headspace when he’s in his creative zone. He explains, “Sonically, I also wanted to capture the 'party' element of the concept by exploring deeper grooves ‎that would inspire more body movement. Subject-wise, I wanted to talk about romance as usual but ‎also touch on more personal introspective topics like self-love and toxicity (both falling subject to ‎it as well as rising above it).” From the sound of things, the album will give fans a much-needed and relatable audible escape and release. Given his track record, we look forward to more of his signature brand of “fluid soul.”

Vibe out to Bobby Earth’s “One Thing” and, if you love what you're hearing, add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform. While there is currently no official release date for his new album, word on the street is fans can look forward to more music and visuals to come.

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