Jamila Woods Can’t Seem To Shake The Specter Of An Ex In ‘Still’

Photo Credit: Jamila Woods/YouTube

Breaking up is hard to do. But sometimes the toughest part isn’t the actual breakup, it’s the residue that former love leaves behind in its wake. Singer-songwriter Jamila Woods touches on that feeling in her Water Made Us cut “Still,” and she brings that idea further into fruition in the song’s creative music video.

“Still” finds Jamila mixing her R&B background with a bit of pop-punk and she also mixes some of that spirit in the video. We first see her walking down a sunny street in ripped denim and tattered Chucks. We’re suddenly thrown into her bedroom and headspace as she explains attempting to sage, clean and scrub her ex’s presence from her life. However, when the first chorus begins, we see the former flame’s static-y shape still lingering despite her efforts.

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This continues throughout most of the video’s set pieces as she gives us some amazing, artistic shots that are thrilling to watch. Eventually, she accepts the fact that we sometimes have to embrace the pieces others leave with us, ending things with a cute dance between her and the static figure before she drives things home with a slightly chaotic montage.

“Still” is just an example of the musical quality that can be found on the rest of Water Made Us. If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you pick yourself up a copy. But first, watch Jamila Woods turn a familiar sentiment into art in “Still” when you press play.

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