Jamila Woods Takes Us To Her ‘Tiny Garden’ & Readies New Album ‘Water Made Us’

Photo Credit: Jamila Woods/YouTube

Last we heard from singer-songwriter Jamila Woods, she was setting some clear “Boundaries.” That track gave us the feeling that the Chicago native had something in the works. Now, we know that’s true as Woods has announced her upcoming album Water Made Us. She introduces us to her upcoming project with the romantic lead single “Tiny Garden.”

“Tiny Garden” is all about the little ways in which love is truly shared and the complications that can sometimes arise. Jamila works with producer Wynne Bennet to craft something smooth as still water with occasional ripples and pauses along the way. It ebbs and flows just as the lyrics describe.

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She describes the way that she loves. “It’s not gonna be a big production / It’s not butterflies or fireworks,” she sings. “Said it’s gonna be a tiny garden / But I’ll feed it every day.”

Meanwhile, the song’s featured guest duendita offers more insight with her verse, singing, “Water us so we may rise deeper in ourselves each night / Listen close and listen right / Don’t wanna bring anything from our past lives.”

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The song’s video focuses on the duality of the message, showing Jamila both indoors and in nature as she does interpretive dance to the song’s lyrics. The juxtaposition of the natural and manmade creates a tension while also showcasing how similar the idea of love and nature are. Essentially, you must nurture each in order for them to grow to fruition.

“Tiny Garden” is a great introduction to Water Made Us, which will also feature appearances from Saba and Peter CottonTale across its 17 tracks. The project is set to arrive on October 13th and promises to be another thought-provoking experience from Jamila Woods. Check out the stream and video for “Tiny Garden” right here and keep scrolling to see the album’s artwork and tracklist.

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Photo Credit: Birdee

Jamila Woods Water Made Us tracklist:

1. Bugs
2. Tiny Garden (feat. duendita)
3. Practice (feat. Saba)
4. Let the Cards Fall
5. Send a Dove
6. Wreckage Room
7. Thermostat (feat. Peter CottonTale)
8. Out of the Doldrums
9. Wolfsheep
10. I Miss All My Exes
11. Backburner
12. Libra Intuition
13. Boomerang
14. Still
15. The Best Thing
16. Good News
17. Headfirst

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