Nivea Is Dangerously In Love On ‘Killa’

Photo Credit: Photo Stuart Photography

Nivea is having a bit of a resurgence these days. The songstress, who first struck popularity in the early 2000s, was last heard from on wax with her 2022 single “Virginia.” The “Don’t Mess With My Man” songstress is now on our screens thanks to the new reality show Queens Court and in our ears with her brand-new single “Killa.”

“Killa” isn’t your typical love song. In fact, we could argue it isn't a love song at all. It finds Nivea contemplating her feelings about a man who knocks her off balance with his charms. Though he has her feeling woozy, she’s unsure she should feel the way that she does.

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“I don’t trust me with you, no no/ I don’t trust me with you, no no / But I don’t want nobody else,” she sings on the refrain. She then goes on to list all the things she would do for his love — from the mundanity of changing tires to the extreme of running up on his ex and pulling the trigger. This kind of love could never end well, but Nivea sings it with enough conviction to make her feelings seem plausible.

“Killa” isn’t a game-changer by any means. What it is, though, is a step in the right direction for the singer. Listen to her sing about being dangerously in love when you press play below.

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