Leon Thomas Faces The End Of A Relationship In ‘Breaking Point’

Photo Credit: Leon Thomas/YouTube

Singer-songwriter Leon Thomas was in his bag when he released his single “Breaking Point” last December. The song perfectly encapsulates what it feels like as a romantic relationship reaches the point of demise. With his background in acting, we already envisioned that the song’s music video was going to be a good one and Leon doesn’t disappoint with the recently released clip.

The visual finds the performer confronting his feelings and his lover in dramatic black and white. The classic look adds a bit of weight to a situation already filled with emotions. We see glimpses of the couple going through the motions together, the pall of what must happen keeping their eyes wet with burgeoning tears.

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Watching the video further, however, the viewer realizes that the couple is seen apart far more than they are seen together. Leon’s girl soon disappears from the clip altogether, with her likeness being removed from sections we previously saw her in. This, of course, makes us wonder if she was actually there in the first place or just a vision inside the singer’s mind.

“This video showcases the delusions we go through in our heads,” Leon said of the clip via press release. “Fighting the inevitable and refusing to give up on the ideas of how good things could have been, rather than allowing yourself to accept the striking reality that sometimes we have to start over. Healing begins with the acknowledgment of the issues you’re forced to face and endure, with both parties understanding they can no longer lean on each other, they have to stand on their own.”

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With his album Electric Dusk set to arrive at some point this summer, it’s safe to say that we’ll be hearing more from Leon Thomas in the near future. Until then, watch him tap into his emotions in the video for “Breaking Point” below.

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