Terrace Martin & Channel Tres Set The Scene In Their ‘Chucks’

Photo Credit: Terrace Martin/YouTube

Terrace Martin is the man to go to if you want to create an LA-centric jam. He’s proven this time and time again while producing and playing for others, but it’s most evident on his own jams. We heard it with our own ears when he recently dropped his Channel Tres collaboration “Chucks.” The track is a straight-up jam, with a funky bass line, bongos and horns creating a deep groove. It also captures a vibe that feels very unique to Los Angeles, which the twosome replicates in their newly released video.

The clip never takes us to the streets of LA. Instead, it aims to capture the vibe. That means were taken to a soundstage filled with lowriders and a crowd of folks dancing to the track. Our homies Channel Tres and Terrace are there, too, and they’ve brought their too-cool-for-school personas with them.

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We see them mugging in the center of it all, their eyes invisible behind dark-tinted shades and their bodies draped in fine fabrics. Their feet are, of course, rocking Converse as they traipse around the creatively lit set, which is giving us the throwback feel of a Soul Train episode but also feels somehow futuristic as well.

There’s admittedly not much else going on here. But the way that it’s shot, with the camera spinning around and capturing odd angles, it all seems captivating to watch. Pair that with the song’s smoking-hot groove and you’ve got something that will undoubtedly keep your attention for the song’s near three-minute runtime.

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If you’ve ever wondered how one could distill the essence of a city into one single visual, then you might want to watch what Terrace Martin and Channel Tres do here when you press play below.

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