Robin Thicke Pours Up A Little 'Brown Liquor'

Photo Credit: Robin Thicke/Instagram

"Robin Thicke walks into a bar" sounds like a set-up to a spicy joke, but that's where we find him on his new single. The multi-talented entertainer is back to pour up some "Brown Liquor" into our headphones.

Thicke strolls up to the bar in need of an adult beverage, but not just any old spirit will do. "Bartender, I only drink brown liquor," he commands over the record's speaker-rattling bass and stuttering groove. By the tone of his off-kilter talk-singing, it sounds like he's already had a few too many. He means no harm, though. He just wants to have a good time with his girl and his boy Yo Gotti, who slides through with a hot 16, on a night he won't forget or remember.

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"Brown Liquor" sounds a little Neptunes-ish, but that's actually Robin and producer Rich Skillz behind the boards. Thicke clearly learned a thing or two from working with Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo over the years. What the track lacks in vocals or lyricism, it makes up for with its unique production.

This song is Thicke's second single of the year, following the release of "Day One Friend," his ode to his dearly departed buddy Andre Harrell, in February. The two songs couldn't be any more different, but one thing about Robin Thicke, he's got the range.

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Have a sip of Robin Thicke's "Brown Liquor" to see if you like the taste below. If so, add the song to your music collections and playlists from a number of digital music streamers. Whether you think "Brown Liquor" is good to til the last drop or if isn't quite your cup of tea, you can catch all the Robin Thicke your heart desires on the new season of The Masked Singer every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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