DRAM Is Back With A Bang On 'WHAM!'

Photo Credit: DRAM/Facebook

For a good minute there we got to know the name behind the artist when DRAM changed his moniker to Shelley FKA DRAM. One album, and a single and a feature later, it seems that the artist has proven his point and is ready to get that old thing back. He's going by just DRAM once again and has dropped his latest track "WHAM!" for the masses.

They say a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet and, in the case of DRAM, the switch back to his previous stage name doesn't change his sound one bit. In fact, "WHAM!" doubles down on the slinky, bedroom-oriented sound that he's cultivated on his past project. The title of the song repeats over and over again throughout the song as a punctuation of sorts. But's it what is said between "whams" that reveals the track's freak intentions.

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"Roll you like a yo yo / Bounce it like a pogo / Girl, you drive me loco / WHAM," he sings while steaming up the scene. "And it’s sweeter than cocoa / Never like so so / It’s more like whoa whoa / WHAM / Spin you round and round like a CD / F**kin to your favorite song on repeat."

As he seduces, production courtesy of himself, Spiff Sinatra and Hero pairs drums that rattle and shake against silky synth chords that set the mood for all the whamming that's going down.

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DRAM has promised that there's more to come, including collaborations with influencers in the R&B, mental health and wellness spaces as well as a new album. We'll be standing by to hear whatever the crooner releases. Get yourselves ready for DRAM's new era when you listen to "WHAM!" below.

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