Shelley FKA DRAM Gives Us A Taste Of Something Sweet With 'Chocolate Covered Strawberries'

Photo Credit: Shelley FKA DRAM/Instagram

Summer isn't quite here yet, but things are definitely heating up. We mean that in every sense of the phrase, by the way, as something about warm temperatures gets everyone a little hot and bothered. If you need a little oomph added to your GTD playlist, allow our man Shelley FKA DRAM to add to your sexy time soundtrack with his latest single "Chocolate Covered Strawberries."

The singer, who dropped his self-titled sophomore album last year, steps back into loverman mode for "Chocolate Covered Strawberries" as he teases and tantalizes on the track. The song's production is inspired by often looked over slow jams from the '90s heyday of Timbaland and Missy Elliott (think Supa Dupa Fly jam "Friendly Skies"), but it's done through Shelley's own lens.

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The tick of hi-hats sounds off against piano and wafts of synth as he proposes that he and his lady get intimate while indulging in the titular treat. "Honey / Sweet thang / Sending chocolate kisses your way," he sings on the chorus. "Send strawberries back to me / Chocolate-covered strawberries, baby."

The song also comes with a visualizer that also acts as an unofficial video. We see Shelley seducing a bevy of beauties (one of whom is singer LAYA) as they dance to the song's slow, sensual groove. When he's not feeding them chocolate-covered strawberries himself, he's dancing seductively with them to the tune of the song.

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"Chocolate Covered Strawberries" is released as part of label Drink Sum Water's single series and will feature more to come as the summer wears on. As you wait to hear what else the series will offer, allow Shelley FKA DRAM to turn you on and satisfy your sweet tooth when you listen to the track and watch its visualizer below.

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