Kristina Alcordo Brings The Feel-Good Vibes With 'Day Like This'

Photo Credit: Jaehee Mun

It's good vibes only here at SBHQ as we begin to tuck in for the tail-end of summer. Of course, those vibes automatically come with a soundtrack, and we've got one thanks to Bounce-Worthy alum Kristina Alcordo. After falling off our radar for a second, the singer is back and she's got us grooving with her new single "Day Like This."

"Day Like This" is a sunshiny groove all about celebrating the now and all the good that comes with it. To help us do that, Kristina turns to producers Jahnei Clarke and moedoisnice to create a sound bed full of throwback sounds that bring to mind the '80s and '90s thanks to their embrace of the synthesizer and programmed drums.

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But it's Kristina who brings the feel-good energy thanks to her lyrics encouraging us to live our best lives. "There will never be a day like this / Another sunrise and sundown we'll miss / And let it pass you by / These moments in time," she sings. "We'll deal with it how we do / I call witness to the moon / Cause, there will never be a day like this."

We love a jam that promotes positive vibes! We also love that Kristina Alcordo is back on our playlists. Here's hoping that she stays a little while and brings us even more good jams and good vibes in the near future. Stream "Day Like This" below when you push play and stick around to watch a day in the life of Kristina Alcordo in the track's official visualizer.

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