Bounce-Worthy: alcordo

Photo Credit: Jonah Kane

We here at SoulBounce are anticipating a hot summer, and we aren't talking about the weather. Music has been popping as of late, and it looks like there's much more to come as we lead into warm, hazy, summer days. That being said, we're always into bringing you what's next and what better way to do that than featuring a new Bounce-Worthy act every week in a revival of our Bounce-Worthy Wednesdays, starting with our latest discovery: alcordo.

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You might not necessarily be familiar with her name, but you've probably heard her voice, especially if you've been keeping up with our boy JMSN. The singer signed her to his White Room Records label last year and included her on his side project/alter ego Pearl's album Closer on the track "Private Party." But that's not the only place that you've heard alcordo, as her talents have also found her collaborating with Soulection producer starRo for his track "Can't Get You Out of Mind."

However, after showing what she can do as a collaborator, it's about time for the singer to step into her own light.

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