Iman Europe Is Doing 'Better' Than Ever Now

Photo Credit: Iman Europe

Since we last heard from Iman Europe at the end of 2021 on her affirming single "and so it's so," she's made money moves as a player in the music NFT space. In January, she became the Head of Artist Relations at music NFT marketplace Sound. Then in April, Europe contributed a song to a 420 mix released by Snoop Dogg on Sound that sold for 100 ETH (which converted to approximately $307K) of which she received a split and enjoyed a nice payday. Iman has certainly glowed up, and she shares how lovely life is now on her new single "Better."

Iman links back up with "and so it's so" producer Kaelin Ellis who laces the singer-songwriter with a G-funk style track for "Better." The production features a hypnotic groove heavy with synths, bass and drum machine and computerized beeps and blips throughout. Over that foundation, the L.A. native sings of getting to the point of living her best life.

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"I've been in the light, finally / Feel like it's the first time I've been free," she rejoices on the first verse. Her personal praise party continues on the pre-chorus where she proclaims, "Better than I been / I'm so much better than before / I had to go and try again / I had to cry and let it go / I had to break what could've been / I had to kill what couldn't grow." The lyrics speak to her new mindset and letting go of the past to fully embrace her bright future.

Life is good for Iman Europe, and that's reflected in her music. We love to see it. Press play below to hear Iman Europe flourish on "Better," and hit up your favorite digital music providers to get this track for your manifestation playlists.

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