Iman Europe Affirms Positivity & Manifests Abundance In ‘and so it’s so.’

It’s said that the power of life and death lie in the tongue. Words indeed mean things and can help to either propel or delay your progression towards your destiny. Singer-songwriter Iman Europe knows this to be true and chose to use the lyrics to her latest single “and so it’s so.” as an affirmation of life’s brilliance and blessings. The Kaelin Ellis-produced track oozes nothing but good vibes and positive energy, as Iman declares, “So I’m proclaiming that this day is gonna be wonderful / I said it, and so it’s so / And so it’s so.”

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Listeners will not only draw inspiration from the song itself but from the story of its origin as well. After life taught her the true power of the words we use and “how they cause life to shift and set the tone of our expectation,” Iman shares, “I paid attention to how just by speaking of good, good would come. And that has caused me to be a lot more intentional with the words that I say.” She wrote the lyrics to this latest release the first day she attended NFT NYC, an event bringing together the NFT (Non-Fungible Token) community for debates, talks, workshops and briefings from the leading names and brands in blockchain. Manifestation is very real, as the song served as the beginning of her NFT journey, got its first bid before she even tweeted about it and eventually sold. Iman notes this as not only a win for her entire team but says, “(It) feels like I’m finally getting what I always knew I deserved.”

We love to see it! Get into the good vibes of Iman Europe’s “and so it’s so.” featuring Kaelin Ellis and add it to your manifestation music playlist.

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