Trevor Jackson Wants A Love He Can Share With The World In 'Tick Tock'

Photo Credit: Trevor Jackson/YouTube

Social media and short-form video mean big money these days — and that's especially true for musicians (just ask Megan Thee Stallion or Doja Cat). Seeing how a viral song spread on social media sites like TikTok can mean stacking checks, it's no surprise that many have taken to making songs tailor-made to rack up views on the apps. The latest to join this trend is singer Trevor Jackson, who recently released his single "Tick Tock" and now blesses us with a video for the track.

The "Tick Tock" video actually features precious little of Trevor. Instead, the camera is charmed by a cute couple (played by Jackson's brother Iyn Jay and singer-songwriter Dajuél Lane) who share every moment of their love. The beautiful couple give us all kinds of TikTok-worthy moments — from cooking tutorials to outfit switch-ups and even exercise videos. It's all so cute that we can hardly stand it.

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The video soon zooms out to show us that we were watching from our boy Trevor's perspective as he observed the loving couple do their thing. The clip then gives us a few actual TikTok clips that we're assuming are some of the singer/actor's favorites from the app.

The song is an obvious grab to go viral and normally that would turn us off a bit. But there's just something about Trevor Jackson that's too charismatic to resist. Watch him deliver a social media love story in "Tick Tock" when you press play.

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