Kehlani Shows Us Love & Intimacy In 'melt'

Photo Credit: Kehlani/YouTube

Kehlani got personal with the recent release of blue water road, which has been hailed as their most intimate album to date. The singer has also been giving us their different sides through the album's visuals, with each showing a side of Kehlani that we haven't necessarily seen before. That includes the latest clip to be released from the album for the track "melt."

The clip opens with Kehlani getting their photographer on in a picturesque area before grabbing a seat in a mostly empty restaurant. There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment of flirtation with a patron (who is the singer's real-life lover 070 Shake) that soon blossoms into much more as the video continues.

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Soon, the two are kissing and canoodling in several situations throughout the video in a beautiful expression of their love. The laughs, smiles and longing look for real and like they're inviting us into the beauty of their love. There's even a moment when they both sing along to Kehlani's voice, showing just how in-sync they really are. The video ends with the two playfully horsing around before closing with an image of Kehlani and 070 Shake staring into the camera as the song's final vocals wash over the listener.

We have to give it to Kehlani, who has been doing the damn thing on the visual front for this album cycle. Get intimate with the singer as you watch "melt" below.

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