iyla Is Fiercely Moving On With 'Sad B***h Bad B***h'

Photo Credit: Bonnie Nichoald

iyla left us on a good note in 2021 with "Strings," the final single from her acclaimed 2020 EP OTHER WAYS TO VENT. We knew that she'd be back with more musical heat sooner rather than later, but it looks like the songstress leaned heavy on the sooner as she's returned with her latest release "Sad B***h Bad B***h."

The track is all about just how cold she's become after recovering from heartbreak. "My eyes so cold my tears don't fall no more, they keep freezing / Change the narrative, I laugh in the same places I cry," she opens the song while riding the beat from longtime collaborator Kadis. "Love is the new selfish, no I needed me / You gon' learn today, you gon' learn today."

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She calls on Embryo once again to help her bring the visual for "Sad B***h Bad B***h" to life. Surprisingly, though, she steps away from her usual eye-popping style to give us something a bit more simple. That doesn't mean it isn't still stunning.

Shot in black and white, the clip features iyla and a small group of dancers sporting black vinyl unitards and sheer black stockings as they pull off slick dance moves (courtesy of choreographer Janelle Ginestra) to the mechanical groove. The fierceness of the lyrics reads in the staccato moves exhibited while iyla serves us attitude and face while kissing her former beau off.

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With the video ending with the start of what seems to be a new song that showcases her yodeling skills, it looks like there will be plenty of more music coming from iyla in the near future. We'll keep you posted whenever that arrives. In the meantime, get into her latest when you listen and watch below.

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