Danielle Carr’s Love Life Needs ‘CPR’

Photo Credit: Danielle Carr/YouTube

New York City-based singer, songwriter and producer Danielle Carr is on a mission. According to the 24-year-old who’s been singing since age 8 and producing music since she was 13, she intends, “To change the intention of the industry.” We love an artist with goals, and Carr has caught our attention with her new single “CPR” and its music video. 

“CPR” tells Danielle’s story of being totally smitten with someone. Unfortunately, her feelings are not returned – at least not at the same level. Deep down, she knows she shouldn’t be in such hot pursuit, but the heart takes control. Danielle confirms this as she sings, See, if it were up to me / I’d turn away and leave / Let my mind be free. 

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The song title “CPR” refers to the ability of Danielle’s love interest to deliver a spark that brings her back to life when she is not (metaphorically) breathing. Musically, the mid-tempo track starts off with a distant, faint drum snare and synthesizer before the bass drops joined by the keyboards and her luxurious vocals as she sings. The production is tight, and Carr’s background vocals are impressive and masterfully mixed. 

The visual for “CPR” is directed by Culture Face and produced by Danielle. It starts with the songstress attempting to reach her boo on the telephone without success. We hear audio of the voice messages she leaves while watching quick scenes of her in brightly-colored dresses.

The set for this video consists of four eye-catching rooms. Photos of Lil’ Kim cover the walls of one room, while the second room’s walls are decorated with fluorescent pink, yellow and orange copies of Vibe magazine covers. The third room resembles a small dining area in an apartment, with a table, two chairs and framed pictures on the walls. Finally, there is a room with three vintage pay phones mounted on a colorfully-striped wall. Danielle is very fond of the colors pink, blue and orange as they are pervasive throughout the clip (including her wardrobe). 

The video takes us back and forth between the four rooms as she sings. In the room with the table and chairs, Danielle hangs upside down from the ceiling, implying that her infatuation is turning her world upside down. The three phones on the wall represent her constant urge to contact her love interest, and with the visual ending with the sound of a busy signal, she strikes out.  

She may be unlucky in love with “CPR,” but hopefully Danielle Carr has better luck with NPR’s 2022 Tiny Desk Contest, which she entered with a live rendition of this song. While we wait to see how she does, check out her entry after you listen to and watch “CPR.” Visit Danielle’s website to learn more about this up-and-coming talent and her musical journey.

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