FKJ Enlists Santana As He Looks To The Other Side On 'Greener'

Photo Credit: FKJ/YouTube

It's been a while since we've heard something new from French multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer FKJ. He's making up for his time away in a big way, though, by returning to the scene with the legendary Santana in tow on his new single "Greener."

"Greener" plays off the age-old adage that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. FKJ riffs on this as he sings an admonishment to someone always looking to the unknown for something better. "You think you'll like it, you say it's your thing (greener, greener) / Wait until you open it (greener, greener)," he quietly sings over the beat of drums and Carlos Santana's soulful electric guitar. "The gift that everybody wants (greener, greener) / Sorry, I must say you're wrong (greener, greener)."

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He brings the song's melancholy message to visual life with a video that finds him filmed amongst gorgeous natural settings as the camera constantly spins around him at odd angles. The dark tinge of the clip — which is filmed in what would normally be considered a paradise — speaks to the song's themes. The camera also captures the legendary Carlos Santana in the same way, making sure to linger on him absolutely shredding the song's many guitar riffs as he adds to the song's emotional heft.

"The theme is something I often think about — our tendency to compare our life with others and envy it, even though we have everything we need," FKJ said in a press statement. "Especially with social media making everyone’s life look so perfect."

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"Greener" is one of the tracks that will be included on his upcoming album V I N C E N T, which is due out on June 10th. Get into both the stream and visual for the song when you press play below.

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