Beau Diako & Ego Ella May Embrace Being 'Alone'

Photo Credit: Beau Diako/Facebook | Ellie Ramsden

Rising star Beau Diako has built up quite a buzz for his debut album Nylon. Following the release of several heavy-hitting singles featuring the likes of Bas and Etta Bond, his latest offering “Alone” features UK songbird Ego Ella May on vocals.

"Alone" tells the familiar tale of finding contentment in isolation. Though the pandemic forced many into combat with their own company, post-lockdown a lot of us struggle to allow others back into our space. Capturing the complex emotions of one that has found satisfaction in their singledom, Ego Ella May sings, “You are near, but the feeling's empty / It's all gone, and yet I still move along / Guess my body connects to itself, don't need nobody else to get on.”

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The mellow track and simple lyrics somehow convey the internal battle of acknowledging both the necessity of companionship and the serenity of separateness. ‎Ego Ella May explains, “It’s about craving solitude in the midst of company. It's about being with others but secretly wishing you could be alone doing your own thing, and also slightly about the guilt that comes with that knowing.”

Of the light and low-key mood of the track, Beau notes his intention to keep things uncomplicated. He says, “‘Alone’ is a song that I wanted to keep simple and give space for the atmosphere, to let it flow through with Ego’s vocals. The track also features some flute from the incredible Kasia Konstance, which provided the perfect finishing touch.” To be honest, the song is pretty perfect from beginning to end.

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Press play below to hear how Beau Diako and Ego Ella May unite their talents on "Alone." To hear more from Diako, be sure to check out his full Nylon album on your preferred digital platform.

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