Khruangbin & Leon Bridges Take A Trippy Voyage To 'Chocolate Hills' From Their Second Collaborative EP 'Texas Moon'

Photo Credit: Khruangbin/YouTube

Leon Bridges and Khruangbin are a match made in Texas. The Bounce-Worthy crooner from Fort Worth and eclectic trio outta Houston recently released their second collaboration, the EP Texas Moon. The five-song collection followed their first link up on the EP Texas Sun, which the two acts released in February 2020.

Over the course of two years and two EPS, Khruangbin and Leon Bridges have endeared themselves to listeners with music that takes you on a groovy road trip between their cities of origin. Leon's vocals and Khruangbin's instrumentals fit and flow together oh-so smoothly. That smoothness is heard on the single "Chocolate Hills," the standout cut from Texas Moon that's received a trippy animated visual.

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Instead of going the obvious route for a sexytime love song named "Chocolate Hills," directors/animators Cady Buche and Travis Barron of Unlimited Time Only go left. They take viewers on a psychedelic trip with Leon as our live-action tour guide.

We see Bridges walking down a colorful hallway before opening the door at the end of the hall and stepping into another world with multicolored hills, plumes of pastel smoke and a stream of patterned water. He opens his closed hands to reveal miniature versions of Khruangbin members Laura Lee, Mark Speer and Donald "DJ" Johnson sitting in his palms. Leon moves the trio to his shoulders where they nibble on odd-shaped berries and flowers, and things only get wilder from there. Leon attempts to walk on water, but when he steps on the surface and sinks, he goes to another dimension altogether.

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We're not quite sure what's going on in the "Chocolate Hills" video, but trying to figure it out is half the fun. We do hope that there are more EPs where Texas Moon (and Texas Sun) came from to come from Leon Bridges and Khruangbin. There are so many places left for these Texans to take us.

Watch the "Chocolate Hills" music video and listen to Texas Moon below.

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