Ashleigh Smith Gives Us A Jazzy Kind Of Love With 'I Can Love You'

Photo Credit: Ashleigh Smith/Facebook

Hearing the sweet voice of Ashleigh Smith is always a treat. The singer and Bounce-Worthy alum has delighted our ears with songs like "Best Friends," "Love Is You" and, most recently, "In The Rain" with Chantae Cann. Now the songbird returns with her first single of 2022, "I Can Love You."

The singer once again blends soulful production with her jazzy style of singing for "I Can Love You." Her melodic vocal takes us on a journey as she consoles someone who is heartbroken after love has left them reeling. "Why don't you let me love you through the pain / I promise she and I are not the same," she sings at one point. "I don't want to hold your love / I want to let it free and see what you become."

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Accompanying her is creative piano, laying chords and arpeggios beneath her honeyed vocals alongside light touches of bass and drums. This is especially true during the chorus, where the piano blooms fully as she sings, "I can love you over / I can love you, too / I can love you under / I can love you through."

"This was a love song written from ALL sides. It could be about your lover. It could be about your friend. It could be about YOURSELF," the singer wrote about the song on Instagram. "After all, self love is always the ROOT. The journey through love and to love of any kind is not for the faint, but it is absolutely WORTH the work."

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Allow Ashleigh Smith to show you what love can really be like when you press play below.

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