Durand Bernarr Shows Us His Many Different Sides In 'Company'

Photo Credit: Durand Bernarr/YouTube

Durand Bernarr has never been afraid to show his unique personality, a fact that saw the singer-songwriter pushing himself even further with the release of his album DUR&. In recent months, he's been going even further creatively as he releases visuals from the set. The first was a clip for "Melody" and now he's back again with a visual for his song "Company."

The video starts in a way that you would figure for song about getting a little closer. It begins with Durand getting hot and heavy in bed with his handsome co-star. Expectations are subverted, though, as his leading man quickly disappears and we're taken to the desert as Durand gets to play off different versions of himself.

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We get to see a sexier, shirtless side of him that's all about tempting and teasing with seductive moves. Then there's the one clad in all black who's a little more rough in his moves and appearance while dancing atop a car. Finally, we get to a fierce version of him dressed in fiery red and has the moves and strut to match. Observing all of this is yet another version of the singer draped in angelic white who is there to egg his other selves on as they do the damn thing.

Durand Bernarr once again impresses in the "Company" video and has us hoping that more songs from DUR& get the visual treatment. Peep the clip when you press play.

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