Moonchild Offer Another Lyrical Taste Of 'Starfruit' With 'What You Wanted' Lyric Video

Photo Credit: Moonchild/Facebook

Moonchild and their dreamy brand of soul have breezed back into our lives thanks to the release of their latest album Starfruit. In the lead-up to the album's release, the group was sure to keep us singing along with them thanks to assorted lyric videos for the album's tracks. They're keeping that alive by giving us another lyric video from the set, this time for the song "What You Wanted."

For the lyric video, Moonchild goes with a nostalgic scene from mid-20th century life. A young man stands (and then sits) in front of a storefront window as images of the band play on the televisions on display. Above that, we get the song's lyrics as singer Amber Navran sings the age-old tale of being careful what you wish for.

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"My shoes stay wet and my list stays long / My battery's dead and something's wrong," she sings of life's little hardships that come with trying to achieve a goal. "My bag's still heavy and my hands stay full / The door's still broken so you gotta push before you pull."

"What You Wanted" is just a taste of the sweetness that Starfruit has to offer. Get ready to sing along yet again when you watch the "What You Wanted" lyric video. Then stick around to listen to Moonchild's wonderful Starfruit in full.

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Moonchild Starfruit [Amazon][Apple Music]

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