Matt Cusson & Marie Dahlstrøm Make Us Feel A Way With 'Feel Like That'

Image Credit: Matt Cusson/Instagram

We've gotten to know Matt Cusson through his work with a who's who of iconic performers. But the singer-songwriter is an impressive artist in his own right, crafting award-winning songs for his own projects and even writing and producing music for the big and small screen. His latest work, however, is a cozy duet with Danish songstress Marie Dahlstrøm called "Feel Like That."

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"Feel Like That" captures a mood almost instantly thanks to thoughtful production from Matt himself, who mixes in warm chords and jazzy keys with programmed drums and beautiful vocal layering to create a hazy, dream-like effect to lull us in. The lyrics, meanwhile, attempt to describe a strange feeling that finds the two of them feeling lost in the sauce when it comes to their love. "Why does it have to feel like that?" they both come to question on the chorus as they wonder when whatever has a hold on them will let go. Though things might seem despondent, there's still some hope left when they make it to the bridge, with them both singing, "Keep it together / It won't last forever / We'll make it through."

Uncertainty might be the name of the game when it comes to this song, but what's not uncertain is how lush and lovely it sounds. We know that we'll be putting it on repeat here at SBHQ. We're also sure that this duet between Matt Cusson and Marie Dahlstrøm will be high in your rotation as well. To find out why, all you have to do is press play.

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