Mndsgn Is Captivated By The ‘Colours Of The Sun’

While his third studio album Rare Pleasure has remained in rotation since its June release, producer Mndsgn continues to showcase all facets of his artistic ability and treats fans to another visual from the project. Noted as one of his favorites from the album, “Colours Of The Sunset” explores the desire for fulfillment through simplicity and self-reflection. In a beautiful recollection of how the lyrics came to be, he says, “It was the only one written during the pandemic, when I was just sitting in my studio, listening to the instrumental over and over again, waiting until the lyrics came to me. I was looking out of my window and could see the sunset—LA gets such crazy sunsets, all pinks and purples and cotton candy textures—and it felt like I was channeling that, like it was co-written by the sky.”

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For the accompanying visual, conceptualized by Mndsgn and Arlington Lowell, we watch as he cruises along a scenic coastline. Filmmaker Flatspot brilliantly captures both the fury and freedom of his journey. Though he speeds at times, Mndsgn enjoys the winding road all to himself and handles the curves with ease. All is well until he enters a tunnel that seemingly lands him on the other side of the sun. Aside from a few floating colorful, gem-shaped images, his surroundings are now surprisingly monochromatic. He wanders throughout the unlevel and unknown terrain before becoming once again entranced by the hypnotic beauty of the sun. It all serves as a clever metaphor for one’s pursuit of growth through introspection.

Watch Mndsgn’s “Colours Of The Sun” visual and show your love by purchasing the full Rare Pleasure album from Bandcamp or the Stones Throw website.

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