Dawn Richard Takes Us Back To New Orleans For 'Mornin | Streetlights'

Dawn Richard has been bringing it when it comes to the visuals from her recent album Second Line. Each new clip from the set thrills with slick dance moves, innovative techniques and Dawn's own avant-garde sense of style and art. What makes the clips even more personal to her is that they've showcased her love for her hometown of New Orleans. She continues that trend with a clip for her single "Mornin | Streetlights."

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The singer takes us to the Big Easy's City Park where she treats us to a performance of the song. Dressed in her signature leotard look of this era and a Scarface jacket, she moves to the sensual groove of the song's first half while eventually being flanked by two similarly dressed dancers. The black-and-white clip then gets slightly dimmer as the beat picks up and we transition to the song's latter half. As her lyrics reflect on her efforts to keep staying ahead of the curve, she gives us an example of just how she does it with choreography that incorporates a forward momentum while taking advantage of City Park's beautiful scenery.

"A major theme of Second Line is my desire to show New Orleans in ways that aren’t necessarily seen," the artist said in a statement about the video. "I grew up going to City Park, right around the corner from my mom’s dance school; all of the school recital pictures feature the park in the background. I think City Park has this traditional beauty but also an alluring, haunting edge to it that makes it local. I wanted to marry the two with this visual, similar to fusing 'Mornin' with 'Streetlights.'"

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Peep Dawn Richard giving us a taste of home and the future when you press play.

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