Andra Day Gives Us FaceTime In ‘Phone Dies’

She might not have taken home the Oscar for Best Actress this year, but Andra Day will always be a winner in our books. And so is her new single “Phone Dies,” which genre hops with abandon and shows the singer’s vocal gifts off perfectly. Now, Day is giving us a glimpse of what it might be like if we were on the other end of her FaceTime call with the song’s creative visual.

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The clip opens with Andra picking up a FaceTime call from her The United States Vs. Billie Holiday co-star Tone Bell. Once the call is answered, we get a very candid glance of Andra in her day-to-day life. These include playful selfies in the mirror, glamorous behind-the-scenes shots while on the promo trail and a few more intimate shots that she might send to her man. It also shows a different, goofier side of the singer that we rarely get to see since she’s best known for serious, inspiring ballads like her signature tune “Rise Up.” In fact, this video makes us feel like we might actually know the singer’s personality a bit better.

Given the release of a video so soon after the arrival of “Phone Dies,” we have a feeling that we might be getting a new Andra Day project soon. That makes sense given that her star profile has never been higher. Here’s hoping that whatever she brings us in the near future gives us more of these vibes. Grab your charger to make sure your phone’s at more than two percent and then peep the visual for “Phone Dies” below.

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