Regi Myrix & Hil St. Soul Remind You That You Only Have ‘One Life’ To Live

Producer/guitarist Regi Myrix and UK soul sista Hil St. Soul have a collaboration that is music to our ears on their uplifting, mid-tempo single “One Life.” For those who may have fallen victim to the winter blues, the song serves as a vital reminder to shake it off and enjoy life to the fullest. Even during times when such a task seems oversimplified, the infectious groove will send listeners on a four-and-a-half-minute rhythmic retreat from their current state.

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“One Life” is indeed the musical pick-me-up we all need from time-to-time. Regi says the track “talks about the need to celebrate life when the opportunity arises, as we’ve only got one life.”  He explains, “We all have to grind and have bills to pay which can be very stressful so it’s important to offload that stress and enjoy the life. Hopefully, this track will play a part in doing just that.”  This type of positive and inspiring message couldn’t be more timely, as many struggle to find their happy place after the holidays or during the cold weather months. Even if only for a few moments, a spirited two-step always does the trick and this gem provides the perfect soundtrack.

Give Regi Myrix and Hil St. Soul’s “One Life” a spin or watch the lyric video, and see if it doesn’t immediately lighten your mood and make you want to cut a rug. The track is available now on multiple digital platforms, with a vinyl release coming soon.

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