Celeste Dares You To ‘Stop This Flame’

Singer-songwriter Celeste is kicking off her new year in a big way. In the midst of garnering countless accolades and rightful praise from critics all over Europe, her latest release hips those of us who are late to party to just what all the fuss is about. Her new single “Stop This Flame” is a smoldering peek at her powerful voice and peerless songwriting talent. Over a smoky track laced with urgent piano progressions and a penetrating bass line, the Brighton-bred beauty declares her dedication to a love met with resistance as she sings, “I think you’re scared of keeping somebody close / You’ll never stop this flame, I will never let you go.”

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Celeste credits her maternal grandfather with introducing her to legendary soul artists including Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald and says she was drawn to the raw emotion and heartache captured in their voices. It seems she’s inspired by pain and says, “There’s a darkness even though some songs are underlined with optimism. Those moments were far more thought-provoking for me.” Her latest single is a striking example of this optimism and of her persistence. She explains, “In essence, ‘Stop This Flame’ is a song about seeing it through to the end. Whether it’s about not letting go of love, not letting go of a dream or stridently coming through some form of adversity. The song has always evoked those feelings within me.”

Indulge your senses with Celeste’s “Stop This Flame,” and add the track to your collection from your favorite digital platform. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook, as this promises to be a big year for her. Recently named the 2020 BRIT Rising Star award recipient, she’s set to perform at the 40th Annual BRIT Awards show on February 18th before heading back out on the road with Michael Kiwanuka in March and headlining her own tour across the UK and Europe in April.

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