Incognito Returns With ‘Tomorrow’s New Dream’

With 40 years under their belt, it goes without saying that Incognito has mastered the art of longevity. With the release of their 18th studio album, Tomorrow’s New Dream, the band led by musical visionary Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick delivers a reminder about the root of their staying power: consistency.

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Over the course of their lengthy career, Incognito has delivered a consistent sound, one fueled by the type of optimism only possible when one truly believes that love can solve pretty much any problem. Songs like the Maysa-fronted “All For You” and Imaani‘s “Now That I’ve Found You” both speak to love’s ability to make one whole. The rich and vibrant horns on the latter infuse a sense of buoyancy that reassures that anything is possible with love on your side.

While other songs like Take 6‘s “The Weather Report” and “For the Love of You” featuring Phil Perry reiterate Incognito’s knack for crafting uptempo grooves worthy of the dancefloor, Bluey and co. seamlessly prove that they are equally as adept at setting the mood for a different type of love as they do on the sensual “Wake Me” featuring James Berkeley. Clocking in at a little over a minute and a half, the song still manages to feel like a completed offering. It provides the perfect segue into the Mario Biondi-assisted “No Show,” a song that starts out slow before blooming into a sweeping jazz-fueled jam session.

As with all Incognito albums, the power lies as much within the guest vocalists as it does with the expert-level musicianship. In addition to regular collaborators such as Maysa, Imaani, Biondi and Joy Rose (“Haze of Summer”), Bluey enlisted the help of Incognito newbies like Berkeley, Cherri V. and Roberta Gentile to inject their brand of energy into things. The result is nearly an hour’s worth of jams that feel like a day spent soaking up the sun (an especially welcomed feeling as half of the U.S. stares down the barrel of an arctic blast). So kick back and prepare to let Incognito transport you to their sun-soaked paradise where love reigns supreme.

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